Sunday, September 4, 2011

196/365 Halina Paulette Electric

196/365 Halina Paulette Electric, inserito originariamente da lele_caps.

I bought it on eBay for 1,7£!!

The Halina Paulette Electric was a viewfinder camera with an uncoupled selenium meter, made by Haking in Hong Kong, introduced in 1967. The meter scale on the top plate reads in EV numbers, which are transferred to an EV-number window on the lens barrel, linked to the aperture and speed rings. Film speed (25-400 ASA) is set by moving the sleeve with the EV window along a scale marked on the speed ring, below the meter window. (Camerapedia)

Polaroid SX-70 Alpha | ND4 Filter | Polaroid 600 film (expired 2009-09)

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